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Writer's Block: Opposites Attract

What celebrity would you consider changing your sexual identity for?

Who could deny this woman is not beautiful??
I surpose I would...

Jan. 29th, 2009

Some facts about today:

  • Was told I had the option of being entered in the higher Spanish paper! 'Twas a happy and shocking moment.
  • I think I actually might do  the higher English paper.
  • My face is beginning to clear up! Hopefully soon all my spots will be gone. :D
  • I was on the phone to Sarah before for about an hour before haha.
  • Disscused the option of going into Sixth Form which I definately am! It sounds really good, with options like Photography or Film Studies. I will be at the openning evening next thursday, and plus it's getting all new stuff, like a new kitchen, new television and games consoles and everything :)
I wish I had more to say :)

Jan. 28th, 2009

Ah, the joys of spanish course work at 11pm. How long does it take to finish it! I seriously need to be faster.
My English teacher asked me on Tuesday if I would like to be entered for the Higher paper, which I could get a C, B or A. I've decided I won't, she gave me some past papers to look at, they seem a bit to difficult even though I've shown the potential because I got a C in the lower paper, which is the highest you could get. Oh well, it looks like I'll have to stick with that for my final grade if I get it.
Everyone freaking out about me today! I stayed behind in IT to finish some coursework, I told like two of my friends that I was going to be doing this, mum gets all freaked out wondering where I am, my sister balls her eyes out worried sick, mum phones Natalie and asks if I'm with her, Natalie phones Becca and asks if I went to town with her, I never so Becca begins to freak out too! I actually feel quite loved. :) Thank God they didn't send out a search party!

I have the urge to post :)
I guess I'm just guilty about not posting so often. I must admit, I suck at remembering to. Plus my life is so uneventful :P
Emily made my day with her Miss Cavanagh story, genius. I'm also getting quite into Twilight which is a good sign, a bit tedious at though
. I watched Alice In Wonderland when I came home from school, I forgot how awesome a film it really is! Gets me more stoked about the new Tim Burton adaptation :D It made me nostalgic, remembering all the little parts and lines to it. The Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter are probably my favorite characters in it, I couldn't help but laugh! I also remember crying for some reason, at the part were Alice gets lost in the woods and all the creatures are crying, must of been a bit emotional that day :)

I love From Under The Cork Tree. That album has one of the best vocal performaces EVER. Patrick, I heart you. :)
Cannot wait 'till the 5th. FOB CONCERT WOOHOO.

Jan. 27th, 2009

I bought Twilight (in book form)! It's really cool so far, my friend Becca is also reading it. She bought it like last Friday and she's practically finished it haha. I'm dying to see Frost/Nixon in the pictures, silly Natalie with her "I don't have enough" excuse. She does want to see it, after all, she is in lovez with Kevin Bacon. Roll on Saturday! I need to see it then. Hopefully Becca & Sarah will come along too. Me and Natalie found this amazing American diner, it looks awesome. Plus it's cheap! Rare :) I finally got bateries for my camera! Been meaning to get them for weeks now. Becca! Give me back my Sunshine DVD! It's getting missed :( AND NATALIE! God, she's had my Brokeback Mountain, Batman Begins and My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side CD/DVD.  Also being missedd! Hurry pplz!

COME ON EXAMS! I'm paciently wating for them to be overr ¬¬
GCSE tomorrow. I don't know how I'm coping. Everyone's like "don't worry, you'll do well" but I don't feel any more confident. I just hope (PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE) I'll do well.

COME ON D!! :(

I feel a bit better today exam wise. Still need a bit of help on quite a few topics, though. I just really hope I do get that D, it will be the highlight of my year, along with the other good results I get. I just hope I get decent ones. Omg, who knew art coursework could be so stressful, plus I'm getting so frustrated and my presumption of my skills becoming worse seem to be coming true.


Ignore me.


I'm aimed for a D or E in my GCSE maths. Which I'm really not happy about, because I need to get a C to get into univercity, and if I don't get in then I won't become an Egyptologist. I'm starting to seriously doubt it, or even going to Egypt this year. If I do get a D then I get a chance to do the higher paper, which I could get a C for my final grade if I do well. I'm also failing in art because I'm seriously lacking in coursework. I drew a few pictures in my sketchbook but that seemed to stress me out more and I still have  A LOT more to get on with or I will fail. I'm just glad she didn't tell me out-right that I was going to fail, but she put me in her room to work and try to catch up. I really do hope I get a C because that's all I can get. No other option, or if I get less, I don't think I could cope. AND the fact I need to do my Spanish coursework by remebering each paragraph then writing it down on a seperate sheet. Great! More work I need to do, thanks school!


Writer's Block: Shops Gone By

Woolworths shut its doors in the U.K. last week, sending many into a frenzy of nostalgia and bargain shopping. What now-closed store or chain do you wish was still open?
I felt awful about the Liverpool Woolworths store closing. I mean, it was the first store to be opened in the UK. I don't really wish any other chain was open right now, Woolworths was just an awful loss. It has been going for 99 years. :(
Watching America's Sweethearts (The movie...) :D (Haha, totally awesome name choice FOB!) Can't believe how many good actors that there are in this movie! Which reminds me I need to watch 1408 sometime soon :) and the fact that I need to see more John Cusak films! I listened to the soundtrack for Love in the Time of Cholera, which I still haven't seen (!!), and wow, it just beautiful. I'm reading again, yay. Happy about that, hehe. Random haha, and I also saved some awesome pictures. Like you wanted to know that LOL. :D